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SDN Applications — Going beyond RESTful APIs

Jason Edelman writes on his blog:

Yesterday was an interesting day in that I attended a full day  ONUG  academy session that was all aboutwriting SDN applications.   Big thanks to  Matt Davy and Chuck Black  for leading the session.   While we weren’t hacking on code, there was a lot of discussion around APIs, network programmability, and the approach to take when building SDN applications [that leverage northbound APIs of a controller].   I’ve made it pretty public that  I’ve been working with onePK  building my own controller (using the term controller very loosely here) communicating directly with network devices as opposed to natively integrating with an existing controller like OpenDaylight, Floodlight, etc. and leveraging their northbound APIs.

We were glad to bring Jason in to learn some of the hot new topics in SDN being presented at ONUG. Read on for an in-depth look at how Jason sees the software networking world.

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