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Will We See a “Software Defined Field Day”?

John Herbert of Lame Journal writes:

And so I proposed, with all deference,  Software Defined Field Day. SDFD would be an event specially targeted at vendors who want to display their demonstrable prowess (beyond just slideware) in the SDDC space. It could integrate plays from software companies, white box switch vendors, existing networking vendors, overlay and virtualization vendors (e.g. VMWare NSX), with a focus on actual deployment of the products in the real world, showing us how their (often “sounds good in theory”) products can actually work today. I wonder if we can get HP to tell us their story? The rule is, it all has to be SDDC-related — orchestration, service chaining, controllers, controllable hardware, traffic analysis to feed to other tools, and so on — and it has to be shipping as demonstrated, now or within the next 6 months. So this would be an event for  real  products that you could deploy soon.

This is an intriguing idea that John has come up with. I figured a lot of the discussion at the past couple of Networking Field Days had been focused around all things Software Defined, but it looks like there may be room for something more.

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