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Is Solidfire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?

Enrico Signoretti of Juku comments:

EMC Symmetrix was introduced in 1990 (as a Mainframe storage) and it has quickly become one of the most successful enterprise Tier1 storage ever (Now the VMAX). It’s big (now supporting up to 3200 disks and 2048GB) but its architecture is outdated and so are its features. What was good enough to ssustain Mainframe and large Unix server workloads is no longer when having to manage thousands (or tens of thousands) of VMs.

Interesting take on the SolidFire architecture from Storage Field Day 5 from Enrico. Maybe building big to start isn’t the answer any more. Instead, build with an architecture that allows you to get big when you need it?

Read more at:  Is Solidfire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?

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