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Source of Truth Series – Business Value

Automating something takes lots of effort. You need to build a process to accomplish a task based on guidelines and rules for implementation. It’s not unlike a GPS navigation system. You need to get to a destination using the following roads. If you put in a restriction about using specific roads, such as not going on a toll road, you are creating constraints that need to be dealt with. But what happens if the road database isn’t up-to-date about the status of those roads? Or if roads you used to take aren’t there any more at all?

Daniel Teycheney has started putting together an excellent series about the Source of Truth in a modern enterprise system. You need to have something somewhere that is the authoritative repository for all information that is considered correct. You have information feeding that source of truth but you also need to ensure all the other systems refer to it so there is only one place that we’re getting the Info from.

In the second post of the series, Daniel talks about the business value of having a source of truth:

As we begin to adopt more automation into modern businesses, we begin to realise that data is the enabler (or blocker) of a companies success. With globalisation, increased competition and evolving markets, having high-integrity data is often the difference. Important business decisions are more time sensitive, complex and nuanced. The most successful business thrive by valuing data, and harnessing its value to make more correct decisions than not.

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