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Spirent Avalanche NEXT — Making Network Testing Approachable

Bob McCouch from Herding Packets writes:

Last time I used Spirent products (admittedly about 10 years ago), the interface was a complex, clunky Windows application. You had to hand-craft frames that would have (at best) a very predictable value iteration in various packet fields (increase a payload field by “1″ or “2″ per packet). Frankly, this didn’t work well. TCP sessions didn’t work at all, and simulating more than a couple flows simultaneously was so time-consuming that it had no value. You could test raw throughput, but nothing (helpful) above layer 3.

A nice review of the new offering from Spirent they showcased at Networking Field Day 6. Bob went all out with this post. Read on to learn how Spirent is going to change the way you test things.

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