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Why SSDs over HDDs for the Home Lab: The Ocelot Edition

Chris Wahl of the Wahl Network comments:

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post detailing  Three Example Home Lab Storage Designs using SSDs and Spinning Disk. The idea was to offer a myriad of “make your own cake” style recipes for creating and consuming storage resources. However, there still seems to be a little bit of confusion surrounding the use of SSDs for lab storage, especially when I wrote about the DS414slim with 4 SSDs. Essentially, people are disappointed that I was not able to achieve the total sum of 4 SSDs (or even 3 of them, being it was a RAID 5 set) when running through some benchmarks. And you know what?

That’s not the point.

SSDs may be the most important single breakthrough in computing for home lab users to come along ever. That’s not to say that don’t come with some caveats. Read on for Chris’s take on how to use them efficiently.

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