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SteelFusion — The Branch Office of the Future

James Green of VirtAdmin writes:

A few years back, we as an industry realized that it would be safer, more economical, and more resilient if we reworked the models we use to provide resources. We decided that rather than sending each field agent out with a laptop, it would be far wiser to keep the data and their workstation in the data center, and provide them a way to access it. Initially, a remotely accessible terminal server bridged the gap. Then when VDI was finally fully baked, we started sending users out with nothing but a client to connect back to their real data. Why was this a good idea?

Even the fastest WAN link is going to have issues with high-volume data transfer and replication, especially in a virtualized world. How can that be helped? James takes a look at the SteelFusion solution from Riverbed.

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