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Tech Field Day Roundtables at VMworld US 2013: SimpliVity

Luca Dell’Oca from Virtual To The Core writes:

SimpliVity is a company working in the hyper-converged market, like Nutanix and ScaleComputing. Founded in Boston in 2009, it has now around 100 employees, and 65 of them are engineers; this percentage to me is a sign of a high focus on development and innovation still going on. their product, named OmniCube, is an hyper-converged system, where compute and storage resources are collapsed in the same server, and then aggregated between multiple nodes to offer at the end a scale-out system.

Hyperconvergence is going to be a big deal sooner rather than later. If for no other reason than the big virtualization vendors are introducing features that mimic the same functionality. If it was up to me, I’d rather be using that tech from someone that’s been doing it outside a lab for a good while.

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