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The Best Thing I Learned From John Chambers

Denise Donohue of NetCraftsmen comments:

The first event I attended was a luncheon. We had an empty seat at our table so he sat down, ate a bit, had a Diet Coke, and talked with us. This was my first time meeting him, and I had a question that had been in my mind for a couple of years. John is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. He has the mechanics down pat – voice variations, moving around, eye contact, etc. But more importantly, he has the ability to convey an excitement about technology that’s contagious. And furthermore, he makes you feel that not only is this technology way cool, but it’s going to change your life and you really need it!

John Chambers has had a huge impact on the networking industry at all levels. Hearing a personal story makes it that much more special for those that have met him.

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