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The Upgrade Process From vCenter 5.1 to 5.5

Chris Wahl of the Wahl Network comments:

After a long period of slacking off and avoiding upgrading my lab to vCenter 5.5 — mainly so I can wait for a few more bug fixes to slip into the GA release — I finally took the plunge to vCenter  5.5.0b (build 1476387)  . You can view a sped up version of the upgrade in the video above, which goes through the process to update the SSO, Web Client, Inventory Service, and vCenter components. I’ll provide some additional details here around my environment and the upgrade process

Chris takes the plunge so you don’t have to. Read on to find out how his upgrade to vCenter 5.5 went and some things to look out for when you do yours.

Read more at: The Upgrade Process From vCenter 5.1 to 5.5

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