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The Use of NAT Mode on Meraki MR Access Points

Jake Snyder of Transmit Failure comments:

In networking, I find myself looking at certain features of wireless equipment and asking myself under what circumstance would I implement this feature for a customer.  I try to come up with a list of Pros and Cons as to when it’s appropriate.  One that popped up recently was NAT Mode / Meraki DHCP.
The features works like this: The Cisco Meraki AP functions like a router and creates a class A network ( then takes each client for this SSID and hashes them into an address on this subnet and assigns them the address via DHCP.  Then it takes these addresses and NATs them out to the Management IP of the AP.  This enables the Meraki AP to do some things that it normally cannot do.

Jake has a great overview of a feature inside Meraki APs that could give you the flexibility you need to accomplish some small goals. Read on for an overview and some analysis.

Read more at: The Use of NAT Mode on Meraki MR Access Points

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