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When To Use Multiple Subnet iSCSI Network Design

Chris Wahl of Wahl Network comments:

I’ve had a few readers send in questions around their iSCSI network design as it pertains to an ESXi environment. The main confusion is when to use multiple subnets for iSCSI, as opposed to VMkernel binding, based on various vendor documents and best practice guides.

Let’s start with what VMware has to say. There’s a lot of VMware KBs that outline configuration considerations when it comes to iSCSI. The primary one to read is entitled Considerations for using software iSCSI port binding in ESX/ESXi which has several good nuggets of information contained within.

iSCSI is something that takes some planning to do right. It can be easy, but unless you put forethought into it you will end up getting more headaches in the long run.

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