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New Years Thoughts: Read The Packet Classics

The Peering Introvert comments:

One good way to round yourself out as a network engineer is to read books about networking. There are many weighty tomes on the market, often several hundred pages long. Networking books tend to tackle a specific technology, explain it, then deep-dive on how it’s being used in the world today. I’ve read many of these books over the years, although my methodology varies. Some books I see as references. I don’t read reference books end-to-end; I read the sections that are most pertinent to my specific networking challenges. Other books work as a system, and are meant to be read as a whole, at least in my estimation. Each chapter builds on the other with an endgame the author(s) had in mind for the reader.

Ethan has a great reading list for the new year. Each of these books teaches something important about networking. A couple might be a bit older, but the fundamentals never change.

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