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ZeroStack – Simplified and Automated OpenStack

Teren Bryson of comments:


The public cloud providers offer very easy to consume services, already built in their environments and on their hardware, as secure as we can call anything these days, all for an ostensibly nominal fee. Your data lives outside your data center, however, and can suffer from what’s known in the industry as “noisy neighbor” syndrome, whereby other users’ applications hosted on the same hardware as yours, can consume enough resources to starve your applications. Additionally, as they say in the valley, AWS is very cheap if you fail, it’s very expensive if you succeed, meaning that the cost of public cloud looks great at first glance, but once you start consuming a lot of resources, your costs can quickly balloon to eye-watering levels.

Teren takes a deep look at ZeroStack from their Virtualization Field Day 6 presentation. What are your thoughts?

Read more at: ZeroStack – Simplified and Automated OpenStack

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