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Cloud Process vs Technology, the relevancy of Oracle, and Net Neutrality in Gestalt Cloud News 17.7

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Cloud is More Than a Data Center

With all the hyperbolic claims of what the cloud can do for IT, what the cloud actually means gets lost in the process. The roundtable looks at what cloud actually means in the modern enterprise. This includes the changes in workflows that need to happen to successfully migrate to the cloud. They go on to frame the cloud’s influences historically within other industries.
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Oracle and the Cloud 

Oracle and the cloud have had a rocky relationship. If you listen to what Oracle is saying, they’re on pace to displace AWS and be the biggest cloud provider out there. This is more than a little marketing bluster. But if you watch the company, they’re actually making some very interesting moves in the space.
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Article that made us think this week…

Will Killing Net Neutrality End the Public Cloud? 

Eric Shanks looks into what the public cloud landscape would look like without net neutrality. This thought exercise shows how changes in FCC policy could shape winners and losers in this emergent space.  While this is hypothetical, it does force the reader to think how organizations would adapt if the foundation of the public cloud changed under such a regulatory, or lack their of, framework.
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Tech Field Day: September 27-29, 2017 in Silicon Valley

Mark your calendar for the next Tech Field Day, coming up in September from Silicon Valley. They’ll be live streaming all presentation throughout the event, or check out their YouTube channel to get caught up on past content. This event already has a number of interesting presenters onboard, including Actifio, DataCore Software, Ixia, Komprise, Riverbed, and Skyport Systems.

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More interesting reads from the community

12 Fractured Apps – by Kelsey Hightower

Identifying Security Weak Points in a Docker Environment – by Christopher Tozzi

Docker Features For Handling Container’s Death and Resurrection – by Sreenivas Makam

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