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VMware NSX, Figuring Out Intent-Based Networking, and Career Management in Gestalt Networking News 17.7

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Managing Your IT Career

On this iteration of the On-Premise IT Roundtable, we’re talking a little less tech. Instead, we’ve gathered some networking professionals to talk about managing your career in IT. There’s a lot of helpful perspective in the episode, ranging from dealing with Imposter Syndrome to transitioning to less technical roles. If you enjoy, make sure to subscribe and review it in iTunes!
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VMware NSX: Going Big with Micro-Segmentation

VMware NSX is a powerful multifaceted solution with a lot of dimensions. So much so that it’s actually a little hard to get a single understanding of it. That’s not to say that it is a bloated or convoluted offering, merely ambitious in scope. If you’re going to make a platform for network virtualization and security, it’s kind of go big or go home. This piece looks at how NSX’s micro-segmentation capabilities can impact overall network security.
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Events in Networking This Week

June 26-28, 2017

Tech Field Day Extra is out in the desert this week to attend Cisco Live US!  They’ll have a select group of delegates on hand to hear from the latest and greatest from a variety of Cisco presentations. PaesslerOpengear, and NetApp are also there. Make sure to watch along on the live stream all week long!

More Articles of Interest

 Migrating to Healthcare Cloud Apps With Acadia and Viptela

What happens when your software provider forces you to move to the cloud? Tom Hollingsworth looks at how Viptela helped Acadia Healthcare solve their cloud dilemma.
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What is Intent-Based Networking?

In his new video feed, Phil Gervasi looks at what exactly companies mean when they claim to offer intent-based networking. He defines what this should mean, and how this is different than network orchestration.
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Community Reads

vSAN Virtual Network Design – by Jason Langer

Beginner’s Guide to Network Service and VNF Forwarding Graph in NFV – by Faisal Khan

Building a CCIE Lab –  by Dustin Beare

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