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Object Storage is the Future of Primary Storage

PURE STORAGE SPOTLIGHT PODCAST featuring Rajiev Rajavasireddy, Vice President Of Product Management.

The Premise: Is object storage the future of primary storage?

On-premises object storage has traditionally been associated with archive data. Scale and density were important, but the performance was not a major consideration. Fast object storage was an oxymoron. That paradigm is changing. DevOps teams across enterprises are now building container-based applications leveraging S3. High-performance applications are being designed to bring the capabilities and benefits of S3 and cloud-optimized architectures to on-premises environments. Vertica in Eon mode and Splunk SmartStore are a couple of examples highlighting this trend. Will this trend become more prevalent? Will a majority of new high-performance applications be designed with object storage? Will object storage become the future of primary storage? Tune in to this podcast to find out.

On-Premises for today’s roundtable:


Stephen Foskett

Gina Rosenthal

Arjan Timmerman

Rajiev Rajavasireddy

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