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Firewalls Need to Evolve with Fortinet

Security is an ever-changing technology that requires constant vigilance. Traditional models face challenges in a modern world where bad actors have better tools and methods for avoiding detection. If security teams want to stay on top of threats today they need to be sure they’re using the latest solutions to address these challenges.

In this episode, sponsored by Fortinet, Chris Grundemann, Michael Levan, and special guest Nirav Shah discuss the need for updated solutions and how Fortinet is changing the game with their Hybrid Mesh Firewall platform.

Fortinet Panelist:

Nirav Shah is the VP of Products at Fortinet. You can connect with Nirav on LinkedIn and find out more about Fortinet and their Hybrid Mesh Firewall platform on their website.

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Michael Levan

Chris Grundemann


Tom Hollingsworth

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