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Multicloud Is the True Driver of SASE and SD-WAN Adoption

SD-WAN has been the truest example of implementing software-defined networking in the last decade. With the rise of SASE, we’re seeing the integration of software-defined security as well. SD-WAN helped us tie our branch offices together in ways we never thought possible. But the environment of 2020 and beyond doesn’t look like a traditional office any longer. Workers are leveraging the cloud more and more. Does that mean that SD-WAN and SASE adoption have slowed down? Not at all! So what gives? In this episode brought to you by Cisco, we explore the idea that Multicloud Networking is the True Driver for SD-WAN and SASE Adoption.

On-Premises for Today’s Roundtable:


Kevin Myers

Teren Bryson

Jordan Martin

John Herbert

Nick Buraglio

Cisco Participants

Steve Wood, Principal Marketing Engineer at Cisco

Jamey Heary, Chief Security Architect at Cisco

Darrin Miller, Distinguished Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco


Tom Hollingsworth



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