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XDR Isn’t Enough for Your Security Needs

Cisco Spotlight: Is XDR Enough for Your Security Needs?

What is XDR exactly? Is it a specific tool? Is it a term that encompasses the entirety of security? Or is it just a buzzword that sells more security devices? How can XDR help you understand the forces at play in your enterprise? Can XDR offer you the capabilities to enhance your security and make it easier for your operations staff to keep everyone safe?

Join us in this episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast, sponsored by Cisco, as we try to find out if it’s true that XDR Isn’t Enough For Your Security Needs.

For more information on Cisco’s solution, check out Cisco SecureX!

On-Premises for Today’s Roundtable:


Ben Greenbaum (Cisco)

JJ Minella

Larry Smith


Tom Hollingsworth



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