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Single Pane of Glass is a Myth – The On-Premise IT Roundtable

The Premise: Single Pane of Glass is a Myth

If you use network monitoring software or SIMS, you’re probably used to having a ton of browser windows open at any given time because there are many aspects to the tools you need to get info from. Looking over your shoulder, a team member might tell you that they have the solution to the “many open browser” issue, and it’s four magical words: Single Pane of Glass. From a user’s perspective, it can be argued that single pane of glass doesn’t exist at all, and vendors who push this idea are never looking beyond their product. When users look at heterogeneous networks, there may be a single pane of glass for this and a single pane of glass for that, which ends up being 25+ panes of glass and not really solving anyone’s problems. So how do we reconcile this chasm between the user and vendor perspectives? The question we tackle in this On-Premise IT Roundtable is: Is there such a thing as an all-in-one solution or is “single pane of glass” simply a myth?


On-Premises for today’s roundtable:


Tom Hollingsworth

Tricia Howard

Jody Lemoine

Zoë Rose

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