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Cyber Resiliency is Just Data Protection

Cyber Resiliency is a term that encompasses much more than simply protecting data. This episode features Tom Hollingsworth joined by Krista Macomber and Max Mortillaro discussing the additional features in a cyber resiliency solution and the need to understand how data needs to be safeguarded from destruction or exploitation. The episode highlights the shift from reactive to proactive measures as well as the additional integrations that are needed between development, deployment, and operations teams to ensure success.

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The panel talks about how backup and recovery have always been seen as reactive measure to disaster and not an integrated piece of a more proactive solution for other outage causes. Only when security incidents became more impactful and caused more data loss or theft did the need arise for more protective measures, such as entropy detection of data corruption or immutability of stored copies.

However, truly resilient solutions need more than just technical features. Other necessary pieces like policy-based enforcement of data retention and recovery objectives are crucial. So too is the need for security measures that prevent critical system processes from being exploited to achieve attacker goals. Operations teams must be involved in the entire process to keep users online with clean data while also allowing incident response teams to investigate and eliminate points of intrusion and data corruption and loss.

The episode wraps up with important questions that need to be answered when investigating solutions. Just because someone tells you that it’s resilient should you believe their claims. By asking good questions about the capabilities of the system in the investigation phase, you should find yourself with a usable system to prevent data loss and ensure business continuity in the future.

Podcast Information:

Tom Hollingsworth is a Networking and Security Specialist at Gestalt IT and Event Lead for Tech Field Day. You can connect with Tom on LinkedIn and X/Twitter. Find out more on his blog or on the Tech Field Day website.

Krista Macomber is a Research Director at The Futurum Group. You can connect with Krista on LinkedIn and on X/Twitter and read more of her research and insights on The Futurum Group’s website.

Max Mortillaro is an Industry Analyst & Partner at TECHunplugged. You can connect with Max on LinkedIn and on X/Twitter and learn more on the TECHunplugged website and blog.

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