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Intel Finally Launching Ice Lake Xeon | Gestalt IT Rundown: March 24, 2021

Intel is finally launching Ice Lake, Cloud spending outstrips on-premise investments for the first time and Microsoft may be buying Discord. We discuss these stories and much more on this week’s Rundown with special guest host Chris Grundemann.

VMware to Acquire Mesh7

VMware is acquiring Mesh7, which provide a “Cloud Native API Security Mesh.” This looks to be a move to eventually bolster the security VMware can offer with Tanzu Service Mesh. That’s interesting as it could create a fully integrated API + service mesh product.

Datera is Liquidated

We’ve talked about Datera in previous episodes, most recently back on February 17 when CEO Guy Churchwood resigned, but more news just came in and it isn’t great. Datera is being liquidated, and the doors are shut.

Microsoft Commits to Availability Zones

Microsoft just announced that every country their commitment to bring Availability Zones to every country they operate in by the end of this year. And that all new datacenter regions launched in the future will include availability zones as well.

Synnex Merges with Tech Data

Mega distributors Synnex and Tech Data are merging! This might sound like a little inside baseball, but resellers are a major source of technology and expertise in today’s enterprise, and these are two of the biggest. There’s also a private equity angle here, with the deal put together by an investment firm called Apollo.


A new datacenter company called ServerDomes popped on to the radar this week when they announced Ken Patchett as their CEO. While Ken is a hyperscale veteran with a ton of datacenter experience spanning Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, what seems most interesting is the ServerDomes design itself.

Intel Will Offer Chip Fab Services

New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger isn’t wasting any time trying to change the company’s fortunes! He announced on Tuesday that Intel will offer so-called Foundry Services, producing chips for rival companies in its fabs.

Cloud Spending Outstrips On-premises Investments for the First Time

Back in February we discussed the reports that Amazon’s AWS was bringing in enough revenue to be the world’s largest storage company. Although comparing cloud and on-premises spending is always a bit of an apples and oranges scenario, we’ve got another big report saying that cloud spending is ahead of on-prem across all categories.

Intel Is Finally Launching Ice Lake Xeon

Intel just announced a special event on April 6. Titled “How Wonderful Gets Done” this event will see Intel launch the next-generation Xeon Scalable CPU platform known as Ice Lake. We’ve been talking about Ice Lake and rival AMD’s Milan server CPUs quite a lot lately.

Microsoft Might Buy Discord?

Microsoft is really going after Slack with their Teams service, and now they’re reportedly looking at Discord too. Although more known for casual and gaming chat, Discord is also widely used in the enterprise and is seen as a competitor for both Slack and new golden baby Clubhouse.

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