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Canonical Launches Ubuntu 21.10 | Gestalt IT Rundown: October 20, 2021

Big news this week for Linux fans: the newest version of Ubuntu has just released. We discuss this story and more on this week’s Rundown.

Candy Corn Company Hit with Ransomware | 1:15

A major US-based candy manufacturer recently got back into business after recovering from a ransomware attack. Chicago-based Ferrara Candy — the parent company of Lemonheads, Atomic Fireballs, Keebler and others — announced that the shutdown in operations is “not likely” to halt their production of candy going into the Halloween season, which is good because the company also produces everyone’s favorite spooky confectionary: candy corn.

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Veritas Announces Cloud-Native InfoScale | 3:01

Although once just a CSI plug-in, the InfoScale storage virtualization software from Veritas is now containerized. Used to switch apps between storage infrastructures to adapt for issues, the new cloud nativity of the product allows it to provide higher availability for K8s workloads.

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Missouri Governor Seeks to Prosecute Journalist | 5:32

In a baffling move, the governor of Missouri put out an order to prosecute a journalist who responsibly reported a massive vulnerability in the state’s website. The app in question leaked hundreds of social security numbers of teachers and school staff from the state of MO, and was visible just by accessing the page’s web source code. Despite this, Governor Parsons demanded the “hackers” responsible be put to justice, earning him much flak on Twitter and other outlets.

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Infinidat Hires IBM’s Eric Herzog as CMO | 8:48

One of the most recognizable faces in tech marketing, Eric Herzog, was just announced as the new head of marketing for Infinidat, creators of high-end storage arrays. Once the CMO for IBM’s Storage division, Herzog claims that a main driver behind the move is his “adrenaline junkie” nature: the move from Big Blue to scrappy startup is a David and Goliath story in Herzog’s eyes.

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Canonical Launches Ubuntu 21.10 | 10:52

Big news this week for Linux fans: the newest version of Ubuntu has just released! Dubbed Impish Indi, this new version of the OS coming out of Canonical supports the widest range of devices yet for Ubuntu. It also features new integrations with Apache Cassandra to simplify AIOps workloads and KFENCE, the new memory error detecting feature. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Rob Gibbon from the Canonical camp about the release.

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The Week Ahead | 16:46

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