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Is Networking Holding Us Back in the Cloud?

In IT, networking teams have been the driving force behind many of the reliability solutions we’ve had over the last couple of decades. Keeping your on-premises solutions up and running has challenged even the best engineer. With the advent of the cloud it’s easy to take care of all those challenges, right? The networking team just needs to get with the program and let the cloud team handle it!

The reality of the world is that the networking team has their perspective and the cloud team has theirs, and they don’t often share information unless they need to. The world is a place that moves quickly and we need to ensure that all of our teams are cross-functional and operating at full efficiency. How can we get everyone on the same page? What does it take to get the cloud team talking to the networking team?

In this roundtable, sponsored by BlueCat Networks, our technical experts explore the challenges we face and try to find solutions to get everyone working toward the same goal of making users more productive and happy. Find out more about the state of networking and cloud together in this special report from EMA Research.


Chris Grundemann

Drew Conry-Murray

BlueCat Panelist

Andrew Wertkin, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at BlueCat. Connect with him on Twitter @AWertkin


Tom Hollingsworth



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