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Tech Field Day Roundtable: The Future of Cloud with Cisco

What is the future of cloud? The drive for digital transformation is creating opportunities for technology to evolve at an unprecedented rate. How can you take advantage of the latest innovations and ensure your users and customers are on the cutting edge? Tom Hollingsworth and the delegates from Tech Field Day Cisco Exclusive take a look at the announcements from the event and discuss how they will impact IT practitioners as they plan for the future of their cloud strategy.

Recorded at Tech Field Day Cisco Exclusive: Future Cloud on July 13, 2021. For more information, please visit Cisco’s website or the Tech Field Day website.


Gina Rosenthal

Nathan Bennett

Arjan Timmerman

Wolfgang Stief

Cisco Panelists

Ravi Mishra, Senior Technical Product Manager/Technical Marketing, Unified Computing System (UCS) at Cisco. Connect with Ravi on LinkedIn.

Justin Barksdale, Technical Marketing Engineer, Office of the CTO Cloud and Compute Group at Cisco. Connect with Justin on LinkedIn.


Tom Hollingsworth



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