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Convergence at the Edges: End-to-End Security Needed for Every Edge

Where is your edge? Is it still the perimeter you defined all those years ago with firewalls and deep defenses designed to keep intruders out and users safely ensconced in the enterprise? Or has your edge been redefined to include users working from home and cloud resources outside your castle? The edge is no longer the island you live on. It’s the archipelago you need to maintain and secure.

The definition of edge security keeps changing on a regular basis. When we transform our enterprise to be more digital in nature, we open ourselves to new places where we can be attacked. We put more places in the crosshairs of attackers and increase the surface that we need to protect. We also increase the complexity of the problem because the old idea of bastion proxy hosts and intrusion prevention systems don’t work well when everything is distributed.

Fortinet is a company that is trying to change the way we secure ourselves at the edge. The company has been building unified threat management security devices for years. They’ve developed a stack of software that addresses these problems and have found ways to tie it all together with top-notch solutions designed to protect your workloads and your users no matter where they might live or work. They have a unique perspective on the way that our users need to be protected and they’re working hard to reduce the complexity of it all.

In this sponsored roundtable discussion, we delve into the idea of the new edge and how we can best protect it. The guests on the roundtable also provide their perspective on the use cases they are seeing in their lines of work. Our expert from Fortinet, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, has spent his career solving these kinds of issues and tells us just how Fortinet has responded to the changing landscape.

To learn more about Fortinet and their solutions, make sure you check out their website and find the use case that best fits your needs.


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Michael Davis

Fortinet Panelist

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Vice President, Global Field CISO Team at Fortinet. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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