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Enabling In-Vehicle Experiences

The future of mobility will be defined by brands and experiences. With inflation in the United States currently running at a 40-year high, consumers are feeling the negative effects of inflation at the pump and the grocery store. Inflation has caused daily household expenses to shoot up in effect of the rising costs of goods. Consumers country-wide are looking to escape this reality but with little success.

In March 2022, we saw a robust acceleration in services spending, meaning consumers are increasingly paying for experiences as opposed to household goods, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Furthering this trend, Apple generated $19.8 billion in services revenue in Q2 2022, a growth of 17% year-over-year.

The trend of consumers spending on experiences and Apple’s growing services business bode extremely well for the future of mobility. These trends are pointing to a future that will be defined by brands and experiences.

This is where Seeing Machines comes into the equation. Seeing Machines is developing driver monitoring technology that today is saving lives, but in the future, this technology will be at the center of the in-vehicle experience. To enable the in-vehicle experiences of the future, low latency will be essential. This is where Micron comes in. Micron has developed an extremely low latency RAM that allows engineers to develop immersive in-vehicle experiences without latency.

The partnership between Seeing Machines and Micron is a glimpse into the future in terms of enabling what is possible. In general, when a consumer subscribes to a service or enjoys an experience, they expect perfection. Consumers do not want to motion several times for a window to open or for the voice assistant to hesitate while responding to them. They simply just want it to work. This is the magic of low latency ram – it eliminates friction and enables a seamless experience. Low latency RAM is the workhorse behind the scenes that the consumer never thinks about, nor should they think about it. When an individual thinks about the experience, the experience failed as it was not fun, but stressful.

As we fast forward to the future when an individual is riding in an autonomous vehicle, they will be able to simply interact with the vehicle using their eyes, emotions, hand gestures and voice with zero delay.

The technology platform that will define this future will be augmented reality (AR). Seeing Machines technology will be adopted from monitoring drivers to monitoring passengers in autonomous vehicles. From a safety perspective, the technology will be able to tell when a passenger is having a heart attack and needs to be taken to the hospital, possibly saving that individual’s life. From an experience perspective, passengers will be able to interact with an augmented reality world that is full of experiences and services.

This is a bright future that will be achieved. To achieve this future, we need to eliminate latency in the experience and this is the role that Micron plays. As consumers shift spending to experiences and services, Micron will be the secret sauce that enable the future of in-vehicle experiences. To learn more, watch the Gestalt IT Roundtable Discussion presented by Micron.

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