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The Evolution of Self-Driving Technology

Imagine a vehicle that can sense your emotions, measure your mood and even monitor your health on the go, and can adapt its interactions with you, accordingly. That’s the future that autonomous vehicles are headed for. Up until now, the focus of ADAS has been on monitoring the road or generally the outside, but now regulators are coming face to face with a new question – are all the dangers out there on the road? What if the driver themselves are in need of urgent help? Shouldn’t the car be able to sense that too and make safety decisions on behalf of them? That stands to reason that in-car monitoring systems are just as important, not just for entertainment and the overall in-cabin experience, but also for safety and well-being. And that is a significant turning point in the journey of autonomous vehicles. In this Roundtable discussion presented by Micron, Stephen Foskett brings together a panel of IT professionals in autonomous driving and experts from Micron to discuss at length the importance of driver-specific AI inside the cabin.

Panelists for Today’s Roundtable:


Grayson Brulte

Logan Andrew Green



Micron Panelist

Robert Bielby, Sr. Director, System Architecture & Product Planning for Automotive, Embedded Business Unit at Micron Technology. Connect with Robert on LinkedIn.

Seeing Machines Panelist

Nick DiFiore, SVP & GM Automotive at Seeing Machines. Connect with Nick on LinkedIn.


Stephen Foskett



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