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Portworx Data Services Makes MongoDB Simpler

One of the challenges that customers face in private and multi-cloud environments is with replicating platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings in the public cloud – database services like Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS being prime examples. 

In recent years, owing to ease of deployment in public cloud, there has been a trend of using more than one database in each application. This increase in number of databases has thrown new responsibilities of understanding deployment and management of these system across various environments, at the operations teams. 

Introducing Portworx Data Services

Recent innovations from Portworx by Pure Storage helps change this existing model. Portworx Data Services (PDS) provides a Kubernetes-based data platform that runs in the datacenter and public cloud. More than just providing a set of pods, PDS allows teams to perform day 2 operations with a single monitoring interface, for data services like MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Redis, and more. 

MongoDB is a document database well-known for being developer-friendly. The platform provides features like flexible schemas, straightforward querying of JSON documents, and even advanced JavaScript functions. Its popularity with developers has led to broad deployment and utilization of many applications. 

However, achieving consistent management of any database platform without specialist administrators has remained a challenge for many firms. The challenge is exceptionally high for on-premises deployments, where the operations team may have different sets of tools for deploying MongoDB installations, configuring networking, and making them available to the DevOps team. This can easily slow down the development process causing delays in release.

Managing Databases is Challenging

Databases typically require specialist knowledge to deploy and manage, as they have complex subsystems. Finding administrators for the various data platforms that make up modern application stacks is a significant challenge, especially for smaller organizations without dedicated database teams. 

Portworx Data Services helps get teams started with basic and complex day 2 operations. As a start, users can automate and consistently deploy MongoDB anywhere, either utilizing the user interface or with code through the API. PDS allows creating templates to simplify database deployments, and make them more consistent.

Beyond just deploying services, teams’ responsibilities encompass monitoring database services for performance anomalies and ensuring highly availability. Simple tasks like backing up databases and patching with minimal downtime can be complex for the DevOps team. 

Portworx Data Services helps teams execute critical operations like scaling MongoDB cluster automatically as workload increases. PDS has built-in components like PX-Backup, which allow configuring database backups easily, and collecting performance data using popular open-source tools like Prometheus and Grafana. 

These tools allow DevOps teams to quickly troubleshoot performance problems, and tackle advanced troubleshooting tasks as part of the deployment process. 

Run MongoDB Anywhere

The only dependency for Portworx Data Services is Kubernetes—this means users can run it on any storage or cloud. Whether the environment is hybrid, multi-cloud, or exclusively on-premises, those deployments can all come from the same scripts with only minor changes and a single management interface to provide a DBaaS experience wherever a company runs its databases.


Databases are one of the essential parts of an application. But they can also frequently be a performance bottleneck for the entire application, and protecting their data is critical to keep operating. With the increased number of database solutions, and the various deployment and management methods in the picture, both on-premises and in the cloud, it has been challenging for operations teams to stay afloat. Portworx Data Services aims to meet this need by simplifying deployment, reducing administrative toil, and helping applications move forward wherever one wants them to run.

For more information, check out the Portworx by Pure Storage website.


Venkat Ramakrishnan, VP, Engineering and Products at Portworx by Pure Storage


Joey D’Antoni


To learn more, you can connect with Venkat Ramakrishnan on his Linkedin Page.



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  • Great article and video about how PDS makes MongoDB more efficient and effective to use. MongoDB customers (many of them) will appreciate the increased value and DevOps acceleration, thank you!

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