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Steve Duplessie posts on Cloud Economics and especially the economics of Cloud Storage, 20 TBs of storage from Amazon’s S3 cloud will cost you $36,000 a year and that doesn’t necessarily compare especially well with purchasing your own array. So do the economics of the Cloud storage scale, especially when we start talking about the 100s of terabytes of storage which many enterprises consume?

The problem is we don’t really know how much it costs us per terabyte in total! There are no good published TCO models for storage; this is why the initiative started by Nick Pearce and Ian are so important. Go and read their blogs here and here on building a TCO model for storage; let’s get this thing crowd-sourced and perhaps we can make the TCO costs of storage a little less cloudy.

And then we can start on the model for Cloud TCO…public vs private etc!!

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