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ISMbookIf you’re a virtualisation enthusiast like myself, you’ll understand that we don’t only need to know about virtualisation. We also need to know about all of the other IT areas that are incorporated into our virtual environment. Storage is a massive part of this. Whether your using iSCSI, FC SAN, NFS or even local storage, it’s crucial to make sure you have your storage set up correctly to get the best performance, reliability and availability for your data.  Storage isn’t one of my strengths. Even though I know the basics, I feel, and have also been told that this can hold me back in becoming a better virtualisation  specialist.

Fortunately whilst visiting EMC at the GestalIT TechFieldDay earlier in April, each of the delegates, including myself were given a copy of EMC’s book; Information, Storage And Management.

For more information on Chapters and Sections in the book,  click here.

I’m not a fan of reading books, especially technical books, sometimes I find the content hard to take in and I easily get distracted. But not with this book. So far I’ve found it really easy to read, it doesn’t blind you with science. It starts off at basic level, so if you are new to storage this is a great book for you.

Here’s what fellow blogger Bas Raayman has to say about the book. (Recorded at EMC World 2009)

Bas likes it! And what Bas says, goes!

The book is also available as an eBook for the Kindle. To find where you can order it from  click here.


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