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Moving Beyond Platform Engineering and IT Operations at AppDev Field Day

Once you move beyond IT operations platform engineering and DevOps, you reach the realm of application development. That’s the newest Tech Field Day topic and we’re excited to be kicking off our coverage of this space with AppDev Field Day on May 29th and 30th. Tune in live on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn Page,, or Techstrong TV, and check out the AppDev Field Day event page for the complete schedule. We have also partnered with Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead for Application Development and Modernization at The Futurum Group, to organize the AppDev Field Day event series.

Things kick off at 8:30AM Pacific Time on Wednesday with an introductory discussion led by Paul Nashawaty to set the stage for the entire event. Then we’re live with Google Cloud at 10AM Pacific. You might have heard about Google Cloud run at Google IO and we’re going to get an update on that followed by a deeper discussion about building generative AI applications on cloud run, including retrieval augmented generation or RAG.

After lunch we’re going to be welcoming Mezmo back to the Tech Field Day stage at 1PM Pacific. Mezmo specializes in Telemetry data and will demonstrate how DevOps and security teams are building data pipelines to optimize observability. We’ve got more surprises coming Wednesday afternoon as well.

We’ll begin Thursday at 8Pacific with Catchpoint. They can monitor the entire application stack and visualize customer experience with IPM as code. Then we’ll wrap up the event with a special guest presentation at 10AM.

All of our sessions are broadcast live on LinkedIn and Techstrong TV as well as the Tech Field Day website and our partner The presentations are recorded and shared on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel as well as the Techstrong TV library. We welcome participation on X/Twitter and Mastodon using the hashtag #ADFD1 as well as LinkedIn. You can learn more about the event and our panel of independent technical influencers by visiting the AppDev Field Day event page. Each of our delegates has their own blog, podcast, or social media platform where they share their thoughts on Enterprise technology. Thank you for joining AppDev Field Day live May 29th and 30th on our social media channels. While you’re on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel for more great Field Day content. Follow us on X/Twitter or Mastodon and follow our LinkedIn page for more Field Day all the time.

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Stephen Foskett is an active participant in the world of enterprise information technology, currently focusing on enterprise storage, server virtualization, networking, and cloud computing. He organizes the popular Tech Field Day event series for Gestalt IT and runs Foskett Services. A long-time voice in the storage industry, Stephen has authored numerous articles for industry publications, and is a popular presenter at industry events. He can be found online at,, and on Twitter at @SFoskett.

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