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Storage Field Day 26 is Headed to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Storage is more important than ever and Storage Field Day is coming up next week. Storage Field Day 26 comes on September 20th and 21st and we’re coordinating it with SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. We hope you can tune in live or watch the recordings. Here’s a quick overview of what to look forward to.

Storage technologies and architecture are disrupting everyone’s assumptions. At the same time storage is required to meet the demands of data management, cyber security, application performance, and artificial intelligence. It’s certainly not just about blocks and files anymore we’re thrilled to be bringing the Storage Field Day delegates to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference to geek out and hear some exciting presentations of our own. The event is broadcast live at starting at 8:30 am Pacific Time on Wednesday and Thursday September 20th and 21st with more presentations throughout the day.


Storage Field Day begins with a presentation from CTERA focused on cybersecurity, data services, and their unique offerings in the media and entertainment industry. Tune in at 8:30 Pacific for this exciting update from CTERA. Then come back at 11 Pacific for a presentation from Solidigm. In keeping with SDC, they’re going to geek out about storage acceleration including a special demo, and we may be getting a first look at something very new and very cool from Solidigm. We’ll also be hosting a Delegate Roundtable discussion on Wednesday and we’re going to be recording episodes of the On-Premise IT podcast and maybe even some Utilizing Edge. Plus we’ll cover all the news from FMS, SDC, and more on Gestalt IT’s Rundown Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday we’re happy to host presentations from SNIA’s initiatives. Tune in at 8 30 Pacific again to learn more about memory data movement with SDXI and geek out about the exciting world of DNA storage.

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