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Experience at the Edge with Mobility Field Day!

It’s been a year since we last heard about the advances in the wireless world. So much has changed with technology and deployments in that time. The world is now looking at the wireless edge with new eyes and new decision-making processes. What does that mean for the way your enterprise is looking to deploy new technologies like Wi-Fi 6E?

It’s time to learn more during the 2021 edition of Mobility Field Day! We look forward to getting updates from our lineup of great presenters and hear the perspectives of our amazing delegates. July 14-16 is going to be packed with all the great information you need to plan your next wireless installation.

Mobility Field Day Presenters

The schedule for Mobility Field Day is full of the best presenters in the business today. Each of these great companies is building amazing technology that is keeping the edge of the network moving as fast as possible. If you’re in the market to increase your Wi-Fi performance, these are the people that are going to give you the right tools to make it happen.

Wednesday starts out with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, who will be coming back to talk about all the great things they’re doing with the technology they talked about back at Networking Field Day 25. They have some amazing folks pushing the future of wireless to their customers. Next up is Arista, who is back to talk more about their wireless acquisition of Mojo Networks before Mobility Field Day 3 and how they’ve integrated it into their vision for the campus network. Rounding out the day will be a presentation from PathSolutions who will be previewing some new advances in their TotalView platform, specific to wireless.

Thursday brings the latest news from Juniper Networks, driven by Mist AI. They’ve been working hard on some great new technologies and you can be sure those will be front and center during their presentation. Next up is NetAlly, a company we’ve followed for a number of years at the event. With the advent of 6 GHz wireless devices, you need a way to monitor them and keep your network in top shape. Speaking of shape, Ventev is rounding out Thursday with discussions about antennas to make your latest deployments work optimally with your clients.

Friday brings us Fortinet and all the advances they’ve been working on since we last saw them at the event. They’re on the cutting edge of technology as well and they’ll be sharing how it’s all being integrated with their world-class security fabric. The final presenter of the event is Celona, the company making waves with their CBRS private LTE technology. The world is starting to realize there is more to the edge than just Wi-Fi and 5G, and Celona will be talking about what they bring to the table.

Mobility Field Day Delegates

We have a wonderful lineup of delegates for Mobility Field Day! We’ve packed the roster with a huge number of new faces as well as some old favorites. First-time delegates Dan Jones, Firas Shaari, Landon Foster, Luke Jenkins, Mike Wade, and Peter Mackenzie are welcomed to the event by returning delegates Sam Clements, Lee Badman, Keith Parsons, Francois Verges, Avril Salter, and Rocky Gregory. So many new perspectives and fresh ideas to share both with the presenters and the wider Field Day audience!

If you’re interested in being a part of the delegate lineup at a future Field Day event, make sure you fill out our Delegate Nomination form. Once we have your information, we can put you on the list to potentially be a delegate at a future event. You never know when you might get the call!

Tune In Live!

We’re kicking things off at 8:00am Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 14th. The live streaming video will be going on the Mobility Field Day event page as well as on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page. Make sure you check out our site and set your calendar so you don’t miss a minute of the excitement. If you do happen to miss a presentation or need to catch up on the discussion later, you can check out our Youtube channel and watch the on-demand video. If you’d like to participate live on Twitter with our delegates you can use the hashtag #MFD6 and ask questions or interact with all our great delegates and speakers. We can’t wait to see you there!

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