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Introducing Security Field Day 4

Security is a topic that pervades everything we do. No matter if you’re a professional that works with networking, wireless, or cloud, you’re going to be touching security at some point during the lifecycle of your project. Security is baked into everything. If it’s not a username or a password somewhere, then there’s some data protection that needs to be dealt with or other critical information that needs to be saved from those that would use it for nefarious purposes. What technologies and solutions are out there to solve all these issues? How do we know what questions to ask? What answers to look for?

Security is a broad topic area. It’s a part of everything that we do, but just knowing how security is integrated into our processes doesn’t begin to describe all the roles and opportunities in the space. You could be offensive, looking for holes and trying to invade a company through physical security, software security, or even good old fashioned social engineering. You could be defensive, protecting against these types of attacks and spending your time evaluating your posture to keep out people that shouldn’t be sniffing around. You could be focused on the perimeter, or perhaps the data your company collects. You could have your head in the clouds or you could be dealing with hybrid governance. You could be even more specialized with something like application security or DevSecOps.

Thankfully, we have Tech Field Day! We have spent over a decade looking at so many enterprise topics. We dive deep into the technology to bring together solution providers and expert users to discuss why things are built the way they are and why you should be using them. We invite community members to participate and ask the questions that are important to you so you can learn what you need to know. No topic escapes the eye of Tech Field Day.

We brought security to the forefront of our topic list back in 2018 with the first Security Field Day. It was a fun time for all and we learned a lot about how security was divided up as a space. Since then, we’ve held two more events, Security Field Day 2 in 2019 and Security Field Day 3 earlier this year. There were many great topics and discussions. So many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit everything in that we wanted to talk about.

We are pleased to announce that we’re going to hold yet another Security Field Day event this year! Security Field Day 4 is ready to go! The event will be held on October 21-23, 2020. As with our other events since March, this event will be virtual in nature. We have refined the use of our virtual conference platform to give you the highest quality event we can from where we are.

We already have a commitment from Cisco to be a part of all of the excitement and we will be announcing more companies that will be presenting very soon. We’ll also be confirming our 12 delegates very soon. If you want to follow along, make sure you mark your calendars for October 21-23! If you’re interested in being a presenter at the event, make sure you fill out our sponsor form here and we’ll be in touch!

Bringing It All Together

Security Field Day is not to be missed because of how important security is to everything we do. Being able to have great conversations and have them instantly relate to the things that we work on every day is a big deal for the community. And meeting so many wonderful people is a huge bonus as well. I can’t wait to see who will be on board for this great Security Field Day event!

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