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Making the Most of Unstructured Data with Komprise

The amount of data available to companies is growing, which at the surface seems like it can only be beneficial. After digging into that data, however, one may find that these burgeoning stockpiles are hard to keep track of, meaning their potential benefits are lost, especially when a company has a tight budget. Komprise promises a solution to that problem through data management, which they detail in their recent appearance at Cloud Field Day.

The Problem of Unstructured Data

We already know that data is everywhere and helping to drive key business decisions around the world. When you stop and think about the amounts of data we produce and consume on a yearly basis, however, the true scale of data operations today becomes somewhat unnerving.

In May of 2020, IDC reported that 59 zettabytes of data would be consumed over the course of the year. For reference, one zettabyte is the equivalent of 250 billion DVDs worth of data. To make matters worse, the majority of that data is considered to be unstructured, that is, captured and stored against no particular data model.

Well, just because this growing amount of data is unstructured doesn’t mean that it is useless. All data captured can provide value to businesses in helping shape their decision-making, even if it doesn’t fit a prescribed model. The problem often faced in this situation, though, is how can companies leverage their massive amounts of unstructured data in a way that also complies with their budget?

Rethinking Storage through Data Management

For many, when faced with growing amounts of data, structured or otherwise, the first response may be to simply buy more storage. Although this approach helps companies accommodate for more data accumulation, it doesn’t address the root issue. It’s like if your apartment keeps getting cluttered with items — do you rent a bigger apartment, or should you find a way to manage and organize your belongings that frees up floor space and helps you better use them at the same time?

If you ask Kumar Goswami and the rest of his team at Komprise, they’ll tell you to go with the latter. Goswami is Komprise’s CEO and co-founder, and a major proponent of treating all data differently. By understanding your data and how it can benefit you in the long run, he claims, you can ultimately make better decisions while saving money in the process.

Komprise’s intelligent data management platform is built on the same foundation. The Komprise platform allows IT practitioners to take a top-down view of their data as a whole, using analytics to evaluate data at-will across multiple different clouds, NAS devices, and data centers.

Komprise in Their Words

In their recent appearance at a Cloud Field Day event, Goswami and other members of the Komprise team detailed how customers can benefit from managing data through their platform. Specifically, Goswami addresses the same problems of scale outlined above and describes the ways Komprise solves them.

When talking about one case where a pharmaceutical company needed a method to archive and access all of their lingering data, Goswami gives a miraculous figure. Within 90 days, the cost benefits that the company reaped by leveraging Komprise outweighed the costs they spent by implementing it. With a return on investment like that, it’s no wonder that Komprise is radically transforming the enterprise data space.

Zach’s Reaction

Personally, I’m gobsmacked by the potential of unlocking so much value with one product that it literally pays for itself. Add on the future benefits that unstructured data accessibility can provide, and it seems like an intelligent data management system, such as Komprise’s, marks a bright future for cloud storage.

To watch a deep dive into Komprise’s technology and use cases, check out the rest of their Cloud Field Day presentation.

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