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Pure1 by Pure Storage Optimizes Hybrid Storage Management

With legacy and cloud storage solutions at play in many IT environments, managing across each storage array holistically can be a challenge. That’s why Pure Storage, who appeared at August’s Storage Field Day event, has innovated their Pure1 solution to be a one-stop-shop for hybrid storage management.

Managing Hybrid Storage Environments

In today’s rapidly decentralizing world, managing legacy storage infrastructure takes a lot of time, and often requires direct administration, meaning IT staff need to be in the office. With many enterprises working remotely, such practices add unnecessary friction to processes, eating up time and overhead.

Additionally, as organizations expand their operations, they purchase new solutions that they then have to graft into their legacy-based storage approach. This also creates friction, both in the time spent going through purchasing processes, as well as in implementation.

Enter, Pure1 by Pure Storage

In order to improve the work experience of IT departments and enterprises as a whole, Pure Storage has advanced their Pure1 offering into a one-stop-shop for Storage-as-a-Service. With Pure1, organizations can begin transforming their storage operations into a more intelligent, agile, and AI-driven approach.

There are three core areas where Pure1 helps push the needle towards an AIOps model. The first of these is optimization. Pure1 assesses your storage situation and routes data to available locations while also ensuring it remains in proximity to the endpoints that need it. That way, you can spend less time fretting over storage management and remove support guesswork from the process.

The next area is recommendations. With its built-in AI assistant, Pure1 recommends where to plan the addition of new resources, improving speed and accuracy. In this way, Pure1 also enhances user experience by reducing storage friction from their perspective, creating a seamless process.

Finally, Pure1 empowers organizations to advance their digital transformation. Pure1 bridges the gap between legacy and cloud storage solutions, making it easier to manage a hybrid environment. In doing so, Pure1’s on-demand purchasing options remove the usual barriers of entry created by traditional solutions.

Honing in on Consolidated Monitoring

At August’s Storage Field Day event, Pure’s Senior Product Manager, Stan Yanitsky, presented a Pure1 product overview. During the presentation, Yanitsky covered several facets of the product but honed in on the consolidated monitoring aspect, in particular.

With the consolidated monitoring feature, IT practitioners can use Pure1 to lump together groups of storage arrays and then view them from a single pane of glass. The fleet aggregation allows admins to collect metrics across groups, allowing admins to optimize their loadouts. That way, organizations can improve capacity and performance across their environment while also improving their ability to support users in the case of outages.

Zach’s Reaction

In light of the difficulties of managing hybrid storage environments, Pure1 offers a simple way to consolidate management and monitoring across the entirety of their enterprise storage. Such a solution ensures performance and storage capacity while also reducing costs.

Learn more about Pure Storage and Pure1 by watching all of their Storage Field Day presentations. You can also check out their website for documentation.

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