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Challenges of Building Successful ML Programs | Utilizing AI 3×24

With so many AI tools available, it can be a challenge to integrate everything into a productive platform. Orly Amsalem of joins Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett to discuss the challenges of managing data and resources for AI training, development, management, and deployment. Orly discusses her journey from software development to AI and the challenges people face. Many in the AI community are following the same path, and are looking for tools like cnvrg to help them bring AI to their day to day work. AL blueprints, provided by cnvrg and the community, can help developers and data scientists get started with AI projects. In a recent survey, only 10% of developers said training was their main challenge; nearly every one said that deploying a model to production was the biggest. Orly then discusses the main bottlenecks to MLOps in production and how to break through and normalize AI in the enterprise.

Three Questions

  1. Frederic: When do you think AI will diagnose a patient as accurately as (or better than) a human doctor?
  2. Stephen: Is MLOps a lasting trend or just a step on the way for ML and DevOps becoming normal?
  3. Eitan Medina, Habana Labs: If you should choose something for AI to do for you in your day-today life, what would it be?


Orly Amsalem, VP of AI Innovation & Business Development at Read “Five Ways to Shift to AI-First” here.


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