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Utilization of Shadow AI with Run: AI | Utilizing AI 3×15

Shadow IT is as old as our profession, so it’s no surprise that shadow AI is becoming a major issue. In this episode of Utilizing AI, Ronen Dar and Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn join Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett to discuss resource utilization and shadow AI. One of the biggest issues with shadow IT is the low utilization of these resources that can come when they are purchased and used by a single corporate group or application. This is true both on-premises and in the cloud. But even if enterprise IT operations and infrastructure groups can come to understand AI, they must offer a compelling AI solution if they will be able to get control. The easiest way to do this is to deploy a much larger centralized solution than any group could procure on their own and deliver it with a flexible cloud-like access method. Another issue with shadow AI is that it often relies on a single individual and is difficult to reproduce, put into production, or scale.

Three Questions

  1. Three Questions: Frederic: Is it possible to create a truly unbiased AI?
  2. Stephen: Is MLOps a lasting trend or just a step on the way for ML and DevOps becoming normal?
  3. Tony Paikeday, Nvidia: Can AI ever teach us to be more human?


Ronen Dar, CTO and Co-Founder of Run: AI. Connect with Ronen on LinkedIn.

Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Director of Technical Product Marketing at Run: AI. Connect with Gijsbert on LinkedIn


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