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Utilizing AI Ep. 13: Will Nvidia Dominate the Market for AI Hardware?

Matt Bryson of Wedbush Securities joins Stephen Foskett for a discussion of AI hardware companies, focusing on the biggest player, Nvidia. Stephen and Matt start with a look at Nvidia: Just how big is Nvidia in the enterprise AI market?

Then we turn to other major player in this space, Intel, which is strong in the inference market with their Xeon processors but obviously wants a bigger piece of the special-purpose processor market. AMD has had success in the cloud but doesn’t seem focused on the AI space.

Then we look at the world of AI hardware startups. How will they compete with Nvidia, Intel, and AMD, when they just don’t have the same resources? Companies like BrainChip and Cerebras are trying to be more efficient and go after the gaps in the market rather than compete directly with Nvidia.

Then there’s the crossover between AI and HPC, which is an opportunity for AMD, Tachyum, and others. We also see an opportunity for AI at the edge, which brings to mind companies like Apple and Huawei who are adding AI processing to chips used in client systems. We also need to consider companies like Amazon and Google that are creating their own AI solutions and Microsoft using GraphCore.

But does AI live in the cloud or will next-generation hardware platforms like Liqid be more compelling?

Finally, we turn to the pending acquisition of Arm by Nvidia and what that means if it goes through and if it doesn’t.

Utilizing AI Episode 13 takes a look at Nvidia.

This Episode Features:

Matt Bryson, Senior Vice President at Wedbush Securities, can be found on LinkedIn at

Stephen Foskett, publisher of Gestalt IT and organizer of Tech Field Day. Find Stephen’s writing at and on Twitter at @SFoskett

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