SDDC14: Brocade – Something Defined Networking

Rob Koper of 50mu comments: Kelly Herrell, Brocade Kelly takes us back to 2013 and the software defined anything. Was it really there? Was anything real that year? In 2013 the real work on the Software Defined Network concept started! Rob has a great recap of Kelly's presentation from the SDDC … [Read more...]

Storage Field Day 5 Vendor Preview

Chris Evans of Architecting IT writes: For those unfamiliar with the Tech Field Day format, the idea is to get a bunch of technical bloggers in a room with some of the most interesting storage (and other) vendors and have a sometimes challenging debate about new and existing products being promoted … [Read more...]

#VFD3 – CommVault: not only backup solutions

Andrea Mauro of the vInfrastructure Blog comments: During the second day of the third edition of Virtualization Field Day (#VFD3) one of the companies that we (as delegates) met was CommVault, a company in the backup and data protection field and, of course, in the virtualization environment. But … [Read more...]

Pure: All Flash for Everyone

Alastair Cooke of Demitasse writes: Some flash array vendors want to make the fastest flash array they can. Pure’s array isn’t the fastest, that is by design. Pure Storage want to bring the benefits of flash storage by being price competitive with hard disk based arrays. Pure is targeting being a … [Read more...]

Outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi that goes fast…and looks good while doing it.

Christian Gilby of Aruba Networks writes on the Airheads Community Site: We are continuing our Gigabit Wi-Fi leadership position with the announcement of our latest 802.11ac product today, the 270 Series outdoor access point family. This 802.11ac capable outdoor AP family that supports dual-band … [Read more...]

The Struggle with Terminology Ambiguity

Paul Stewart of PacketU comments: One of the areas that our industry seems to struggle with is terminology. For example, if your coworker is talking about a packet, are they using specific terminology for a layer 3 protocol data unit? Alternatively, are they loosely using the terminology the way … [Read more...]

IBM Launches Flash DIMMs

Jim Handy of The SSD Guy comments: On Thursday IBM announced its X6 product family, the sixth generation of the company’s successful EXA server architecture.  A smaller byline of the introduction was the company’s new eXFlash memory-channel storage or eXFlash DIMM which is offered as one of many … [Read more...]

The HP SDN APP Store – It Might Just Work

Lindsay Hill comments on his blog: HP has been laying out their SDN vision over the last few months. They want to develop a complete SDN ecosystem, including an Open Standards-based network that can integrate with common overlay models, development resources to help 3rd parties to develop … [Read more...]

SDN App Stores – My Network is not a Phone

Lindsay Hill writes on his blog: I’ve been thinking a lot about HP’s SDN App Store approach. In case you missed it, HP’s vision is to deliver an App Store for SDN applications, similar to Apple’s App Store. They want to have all SDN applications available in one place, with centralised purchasing … [Read more...]

Can the cloud do ‘in perpetuity’ ?

Paul Miller of The Cloud of Data comments: Cloud computing is great, right? As a way to get something up and running quickly, affordably, and with a minimum of fuss, it can rarely be beaten. But some of the most compelling attributes of the public cloud are best suited to ephemeral or … [Read more...]