A Triangle is Not a Circle & Some Things Don’t Fit in the Cloud

Maish Saidel Keesing of Technodrone comments: We all started off as babies, and I am sure that not many of you remember that one of the first toys you played with (and if you do not remember - then I am sure those of you with kids have probably done the same with your children) was a plastic … [Read more...]

A Caveat to Multi-Cluster VDS Design with NSX

Chris Wahl of Wahl Network comments: One of the many design decisions surrounding an NSX implementation concerns the distributed switch (VDS) and how far it should stretch. Many folks create one large VDS and stretch it across clusters for simplicity’s sake, which is fine. Be aware, however, that … [Read more...]

Tips for a successful Virtual SAN (VSAN) Proof Of Concept (POC)

Cormac Hogan comments on his blog: Pretty soon I’ll be heading out on the road to talk at various VMUGs about our first 6 months with VSAN, VMware’s Virtual SAN product. Regular readers will need no introduction to VSAN, and as was mentioned at VMworld this year, we’re gearing up for our next … [Read more...]

MASSive, Impressive, Agile, TEGILE

Chin-Fah Heoh of Storage Gaga comments: In a world of utterly confusing messaging about Flash Storage, I was  eager to find out what makes Tegile tick at the Storage Field Day session. Yes, I loved Tegile and the campus visit was very nice. I was also very impressed that they have more than 700 … [Read more...]

Using Firewalls for Policy Has Been a Disaster

Lindsay Hill comments on his blog: Almost every SDN vendor today talks about policy, how they make it easy to express and enforce network policies. Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, Nuage Networks, OpenStack Congress, etc. This sounds fantastic. Who wouldn’t want a better, simpler way to get the network to … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Wireless Bridge, From Aoptix

Lee Badman of wirednot comments: Just as the world of wireless client access has evolved over the last decade, so has the point-to-point bridging space. Though I don’t do a tremendous amount of bridging, I have done a couple of dozen production links using a variety of licensed and unlicensed … [Read more...]

Cisco ACI Fabric Forwarding In A Nutshell

Ethan Banks of The Peering Introvert comments: One of the most interesting elements of SDN architectures is  traffic forwarding. How does traffic get from one point to another in an SDN world? Cisco ACI’s traffic forwarding approach is intriguing in that it neither relies on the controller for … [Read more...]

HP SDN App Store Launches

Lindsay Hill comments on his blog HP’s SDN App Store has finally seen the light of day.  This is intended to be a common platform for users and developers, to find and distributed real-world, practical SDN applications. Some of the launch apps include: Network Optimizer, for automated QoS for … [Read more...]

Cisco Adds New Routers In the ISR 4000 Family

Daniel Dib writes on his blog: The Cisco ISR G2 routers have been around for a while now. Roughly a year ago, Cisco released the Cisco 4451-X router which was the first ISR running IOS-XE. Cisco has now added new routers to the 4000 family, which means that the ISR G2 family will eventually go … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t SSDs Popular in New PCs?

Jim Handy The SSD Guy comments: For the past decade I have been asked when SSDs will overtake HDDs in the PC market- when will more PCs ship with an SSD than with an HDD? My usual reply is: “Never!”   I then go on to explain that two factors work against this ever happening.   The first is the … [Read more...]