IPv6 Unique Local Address or ULA – what are they and why you shouldn’t use them

Ed Horley from Howfunky.com comments: I am often asked interesting questions by fellow IT professionals about IPv6. Some are worthy of a blog post or two so here it is. The subject of IPv6 Unique Local Address or ULA (which is one of the unicast IPv6 address types) seems to be getting more … [Read more...]

What’s up, Big Switch?  Talk to us.

Jason Edelman writes: Harry Quakenboss made an interesting comment on a previous post of mine a few days ago.  He noted that Big Switch has been pretty quiet in terms of their outbound marketing.  He is absolutely right and I also commented back to him, I actually remember thinking a few times over … [Read more...]

What is VMware NSX?

Ivan Pepelnjak of ipSpace.net comments on VMware's new networking product: Answer#1: An overlay virtual networking solution providing logical bridging (aka layer-2 forwarding or switching), logical routing (aka layer-3 switching), distributed or centralized firewalls, load balancers, NAT and … [Read more...]

#TechFieldDay roundtable at VMworld 2013: Asigra

Joep Piscaer from Virtual Lifestyle writes: I did not know Asigra before this session, and thus have little knowledge of the company and their products. I expected a technical deep dive on the technology. Instead, Asigra took a different approach at this #TechFieldDay session: they gave their … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting done Motorola style!

Sam Clements from SC-WiFi writes about WFD5 sponsor Motorola: The packets don’t lie. Any CWAP will tell you that. They’re the foundation of what we do in networking and one of the most troublesome things to get your hands on at times. One of the most significant challenges is that you rarely get to … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.5 – My Top 10 New Features

Marco Broeken of vClouds comments: Last Monday vSphere 5.5 was announced with a lot of improvements and new additions to. It will still take like 2 months before it will be GA. Here is my Top 10 of new vSphere 5.5 features: Read more at: vSphere 5.5 – My Top 10 New Features … [Read more...]

Nutanix OS 3.5: Deduplication, New GUI, SRM, Hyper-V Support

Bob Plankers writing for The Virtualization Practice comments: Nutanix, one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure startups around, shows no signs of slowing down with their release of Nutanix OS 3.5. For those not familiar with Nutanix, they offer a truly converged virtualized infrastructure. … [Read more...]

Can Single Stream Sniffing Work?

Ben Miller of Sniff WiFi comments: A bunch of WiFi vendors made presentations at the Wireless Field Day events a couple of weeks ago, and the one that piqued my interest the most (at least in a positive way) was WildPackets'.  The WildPackets OmniPeek software can now sniff 802.11ac traffic, with … [Read more...]

Asigra at the Tech Field Day roundtable

Arjan Timmerman of VDICloud.NL writes: I received an invitation of the TechFieldDay team to join them on their roundtables during VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. I attended these roundtables last year also, and it was awesome to do these deep dives with the companies presenting. This year we have … [Read more...]

Cloud computing – HDS, Cleversafe and Private clouds

Enrico Signoretti of Juku writes: Last week I saw two announcements: HDS jumped into the OpenStack bandwagon and Cleversafe raised 55$M in a series D funding round (WOW!). At a first glimpse these two announcements have nothing in common but I think the contrary and they both lead to the … [Read more...]