Multi-User MIMO – Marketing Hype vs Reality

Keith Parsons of WLAN Pros writes: During the presentation at #WFD7 from Matt Silverman, Technical Leader from Cisco on an Overview from MIMO technology, I started to think about the net effects this might cause our Wireless LANs in the future as 802.11ac Wave 2 in on the horizon for next … [Read more...]

Wireless Nerd: Responding to the Social WiFi Roundtable

Drew Lentz of Wireless Nerd writes: This is a great topic, and a great video. I am totally bummed that I was not able to join live. However, using the power of the Interwebs, I will now go back in time to respond to some of what's being said. I love technology. This is awesome. Drew watched our … [Read more...]

Why SDN is coming to a wireless network near you

Jake Snyder of Transmit Failure comments: We are literally days away from the 7th installment of Wireless Field Day.  I'm really hoping (borderline begging) to hear a couple vendors talk about their Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions.  Now before you hop on the "Shut-up about SDN" bandwagon, … [Read more...]

Products, Not Promises: Winning SDN Market Share

Ethan Banks of The Peering Introvert comments: Mike Bushong on the Plexxi blog wrote the following excerpts (emphasis mine). If generalized networking isn’t going to be successful, then what will be? SDN deployments (especially those early on) will be focused on very narrow use cases…The more … [Read more...]

Your next storage tier? Your volatile memory

Virtual to the Core comments: In a previous post, I talked about the evolution of the Flash memory market, and how some software solutions are starting to change the way we consume storage. Whenever a new hardware technology comes into market, the previous ones becomes of general use (think SSDs), … [Read more...]

Cisco ACI and Lossy Control

Justin Warren of eigenmagic comments: The centralised command-and-control method doesn’t work at scale. Many people have discovered this independently, from the Romans to the Chinese. It’s just not humanly- (or even computerly-) possible to track that many interdependent variables and make smart … [Read more...]

Hyper convergence for the rest of us? Scale Computing

Enrico Signoretti of Juku writes: This is not the first time I write about Scale Computing but I met them again a couple of weeks ago (at #SFD5) and I think there are some updates about their technology and products that are worthwhile mentioning. Scale computing has been around since 2009. At the … [Read more...]

SDDC14: Brocade – Something Defined Networking

Rob Koper of 50mu comments: Kelly Herrell, Brocade Kelly takes us back to 2013 and the software defined anything. Was it really there? Was anything real that year? In 2013 the real work on the Software Defined Network concept started! Rob has a great recap of Kelly's presentation from the SDDC … [Read more...]

Storage Field Day 5 Vendor Preview

Chris Evans of Architecting IT writes: For those unfamiliar with the Tech Field Day format, the idea is to get a bunch of technical bloggers in a room with some of the most interesting storage (and other) vendors and have a sometimes challenging debate about new and existing products being promoted … [Read more...]

#VFD3 – CommVault: not only backup solutions

Andrea Mauro of the vInfrastructure Blog comments: During the second day of the third edition of Virtualization Field Day (#VFD3) one of the companies that we (as delegates) met was CommVault, a company in the backup and data protection field and, of course, in the virtualization environment. But … [Read more...]