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Disaggregated Physical Storage Architectures and Hyperconvergence

James Green of Actual Tech Media comments:

In the data center, technology advances in distinct steps rather than smoothly along a continuum. One day we don’t have SSDs, and the next, the first SSD is generally available and we do. Market adoption, however, smooths out those distinct steps into what looks more like a gradually sloping line. Some technologies see more rapid adoption than others, and a recent example of this is hyperconvergence.

Hyperconvergence is about economic advantages, operational efficiencies, and performance. And as it stands today, hyperconvergence is one of the very best ways to simplify the data center while delivering fantastic performance and unheard of flexibility. But data center architectures come and go. Prior to pushing towards hyperconvergence, the most desirable physical architecture was exactly the opposite: shared storage purposely not inside the servers.

Great analysis of hyperconvergence from James. This tech is going to be hot in the next two years for sure.

Read more at: Disaggregated Physical Storage Architectures and Hyperconvergence

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