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Storage Field Day #4 – who will you see?

Ed Grigson from vExperienced writes:

Following on from last year when I attended  Storage Field Day #2  I’m glad to say  I’ve been invited back to San Jose this year for SFD #4, happening Nov 13th-15th. I enjoyed the experience last year and learnt a lot so while it’s another four days out of the office (and two long haul flights) I believe it’s time well spent. Of course I’m not the main attraction — below  Iprovide a quick summary of the sponsors  as it gave me a good excuse to go look up the ones I was less familiar with (the official event page  also lists them). These are my thoughts based on a quick look at vendor websites so I’m happy to be corrected! Nimble Storage, Proximal Data, and Virident are attending VMworld Barcelona so I’ll have a chance to get some information in advance;

We’re glad to have Ed back for Storage Field Day 4. Don’t forget to check out the page to see who else will be in San Jose this November!

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Stephen Foskett is an active participant in the world of enterprise information technology, currently focusing on enterprise storage, server virtualization, networking, and cloud computing. He organizes the popular Tech Field Day event series for Gestalt IT and runs Foskett Services. A long-time voice in the storage industry, Stephen has authored numerous articles for industry publications, and is a popular presenter at industry events. He can be found online at,, and on Twitter at @SFoskett.

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