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CloudPhysics Review

Rick Schlander from VMBulletin comments:

This is one company that I’ve been anxious to meet for a while now and I am really glad that I got a chance to at Virtualization Field Day 3. They have a very unique offering to companies in that they provide collective intelligence for IT data sets.

First up in the presentation was John Blumenthal (who happens to be the ex-director of storage at VMware) and during his short introduction to the company, the slide deck had an interesting yet straight to the point phrase of “Answers to primitive questions”, this is how the physics of things actually operate.

The problems that analytics are going to allow us to solve in the near future are amazing. See how CloudPhysics is tackling a few of those in this presentation.

Read more at:  CloudPhysics Review

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Tom Hollingsworth is a networking professional, blogger, and speaker on advanced technology topics. He is also an organizer for networking and wireless for Tech Field Day.  His blog can be found at

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