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Taking POHO to Interop 2014 — Three Roads To Take

Robert Novak of RSTS11 writes:

First, I’m looking forward to meeting some Twitterverse friends, and maybe a Twitter-averse friend or two, as well as contacts I’ve made at my conferences last year. I will be dropping in on the  Interop HQ  and Social Media Command Center to see how the UBM team handles social media on-site. As my friends at @CiscoLive  and VMworld know, I find the social media aspect of a conference to be as important as the formal content. Networking and getting advice and answers as you go makes the event more efficient and useful, and it’s always good to say hi to the folks who make it happen. I also hear there are collectible pins, and those of you who know where I work know we’re known for our pins, among other things.

We’re excited to see Rob and the rest of our Interop delegates. Be sure to stay tuned to see the video from our Interop roundtables!

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