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Storage Field Day — I’ll be at SFD6

Dan Frith of comments:

If you haven’t heard of the very excellent  Tech Field Day, head on over and check it out. They do all kinds of Field Days, including one for storage. Number 6 is happening in less than 2 weeks and, yes, I’ll be there this time. Wheee! Look, you can see  my picture on the internet  and everything. So while it’s exciting for me that I’ll get a chance to cross time zones and hob-nob with some really smart people for a few days, it’s also worth checking back on the SFD6 website during the event as there’ll likely be video streaming and such.

I’d also like to publicly thank in advance  the nice folk (Stephen, Claire and Tom) who’ve seen fit to give in to my pleas for a ticket. Also thanks to the sponsors (more about them later).  In any case, I’ll be posting a tonne of stuff in the next little while, and hopefully some of it will be technically useful and not just zany anecdotes about how much food they serve in L’America.

We’re thrilled to have Dan joining us for the first time at Storage Field Day 6! Be sure to follow along and use the hashtag #SFD6 to join in the conversation!

Read more at:  Storage Field Day — I’ll be at SFD6

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