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TechFieldDay Extra at VMworld US

Hans De Leenheer comments on his blog:

Oh yes, I’m honoured to be included in the TFD crew yet again. I previously was included in  Storage Field Day 1  and  Storage Field Day 5  but also at several of the smaller RoundTable events at  VMworld,  Cisco Live  and  Interop New York. TechFieldDay is by far the most interesting event for an independent blogger like myself. This for two major reasons:

  1. You get to see the newest of new technology (or newest iterations) explained by the smartest brains of the respective companies
  2. The team of likeminded delegates brings the best out of yourself and each other. This is way more than just an old boys club  ;-)

Those IT convention roundtables are also a very good way to actually get a few of the bloggers onsite that would otherwise never make it on their own dime. Therefor  I am very grateful to all the sponsors that make it possible for me to cross the Atlantic and have a nice bed on site!!!  (this was a disclaimer, peeps!). And before I forget it: Thank you VMware for the bloggers pass! All together this type of sponsorship saves me at least $4000 !!!

We’re glad to have Hans joining us for another Tech Field Day event! Be sure to follow along and see what Tech Field Day Extra has in store for you at VMworld!

Read more at:  TechFieldDay Extra at VMworld US

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