Podcast 7: Stack Wars Roundtable 2

  1. The Stack Wars Have Begun!
  2. Stack Wars: The Links
  3. Rodos on Stack Wars
  4. My take on the stack wars
  5. Podcast 7: Stack Wars Roundtable 2
  6. iBlock?
  7. Meet the Enterprise IT Superpowers

This week’s Tech Field Day roundtable discussion is an audio chat on the subject of stack wars – the creation of all-in-one “stacks” of IT equipment by the major vendors. These stacks have been quite a hot topic of discussion both inside Gestalt IT and in the community as a whole.

The discussion was wide-ranging, and we’ve split it into two episodes. This second episode includes discussion of the following:

  • HP’s unique position as a soup-to-nuts infrastructure supplier
  • The enterprise readiness of 3COM, D-Link, Virtual Connect, Xsigo
  • Cisco’s secret plan with UCS marketing
  • The concept of integrating the VMware hypervisor as firmware in the stack
  • The exact definition of stack – what does it really mean?
  • Is there a difference between a “marketing stack” or reference architecture and a “real stack”?
  • What is the compelling economic driver that makes people move to vertical integration?
  • What is VMware’s long-term strategy for stack wars?
  • Was vBlock designed for the cloud?

Joining the call are the following Gestalt IT authors and Field Day delegates:

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