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Becoming a Handoff Hero with Swimlane Turbine

One of the hardest parts of working on a team is making sure everyone is up to date on what the project or ticket status is at any given time. This is especially true for things like incident response. Protocols followed and steps taken matter and documenting all of it so that you don’t lost track of where you are and regress to an earlier phase are critical. You must know where everyone is and what’s going on, especially when a new team comes on board to help, or you must hand off in a “follow the sun” model.

That handoff period is where so many mistakes can happen. I’ve worked on enough help desks in my career to know that improper documentation can lead to repeating unnecessary steps or losing data. Even having proper documentation isn’t enough in a stressful situation where someone might skim your notes and arrive at the wrong conclusion. If you can’t make sure that the handoff goes well, you’re going to be caught in a vicious cycle that doesn’t end well for anyone.

We Can Be Heroes

You might have noticed that many companies have started adding AI functionality into their platforms in recent months. I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to apply this hot new technology in ways that make life better for those in the trenches every day. Novel uses are sure to catch my eye.

Enter Swimlane. This company has been working hard to make automation easy and secure for companies. Their technology ensures you have the right tools at your disposal to integrate solutions and work around challenges. It’s more than just building packages to deploy for endpoints. Swimlane is all about reducing the amount of code needed as well as improving human decision making in the process. Their latest addition to the Swimlane Turbine security automation platform is Hero AI. It’s a new way to integrate the power of generative AI into your workflow. With Hero AI, you can get help crafting AI prompts and building code to make your automations run smoothly. But one of the things that jumped out at me was AI-assisted case summarization.

Using Hero AI, Swimlane Turbine can assist your SecOps teams in looking at cases and summarizing the important details. You can get an immediate overview of what’s going on with a given case as well as suggestions for remediation or mitigation. It’s a powerful way to help your teams arrive at conclusions and act on information faster. It’s also a wonderful way to collect pertinent information and pass it along as necessary to those that need it.

Imagine having an immediate case summary for an incident that you can hand off to the incoming team so they can pick right up where you left off and keep going while you get some sleep or even a quick meal. You can also create summary reports to send on to the CISO or other stakeholders when they ask for an update on your progress that’s tailored to include the information they want and none of the specific details that will just raise more questions. Rather than spending time figuring out what to tell them you can just ask Hero AI to give you the information they want. It saves everyone time and keeps the whole team in the loop, top to bottom. And because Swimlane has a security-first mindset you can be sure that this information isn’t being leaked to an online LLM service that could incorporate your data without your knowledge or permission.

Bringing It All Together

Automated case summarization may not sound like the most groundbreaking part of AI but I think it’s something important that will solve real problems that engineers have every day. And it’s only a small part of the much larger Turbine platform. Once you’ve given yourself some extra time with automated summarization you can dig into the Schema Inference tools or see how you can use their LLM to scan Swimlane documentation for help directly within the platform. It’s a force multiplier that allows you to gain valuable time when responding to threats or building out your automation solution to ensure you and your team are as efficient as possible. If Swimlane Turbine can help you hand off a project to the next team with a minimum of fuss and confusion, then you’ll look like a hero to everyone.

For more information about Hero AI and Swimlane Turbine make sure you check out the details on Swimlane’s website.

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